Thursday, July 19, 2012

Kumiko's pigeon pair

This is mum - our 'Kumiko'. She is a tri-colour sheba coated girl who comes from peruvian origins. These photos were taken when she was only 3 months old. 

And this is daddy pig - our Lilac, White and Cream sheba -coated boy. 

And this is what you get when you mix Kumiko with Malakai... two very different, very beautiful sheba-coated bubs! Born on the evening of Monday the 16th July. 

Farrah is a mini-mum in her gorgeous bright tri-colour coat. She weighed in at 95g.

And this is Finley, our little gold and white man. He has the most beautiful ruby eyes, and weighed in at 110g.


  1. oh! I forgot to add their date of birth! lol. They were born on monday the 16th July.