Thursday, April 28, 2016

Sweet Harriet

This gorgeous ball of curls is our sweet Harriet. She doesn't always look this fluffy, so I thought I'd take the opportunity to grab some photos while she does look like this. Ideally it would be wonderful if she could pause her coat growth right here - it would be a lot nicer for her and me! But this is really only the start of how fluffy she will get in a few more months.

Harriet is a long-coated breed, which means her hair will grow constantly throughout her life. We trimmed her right back at the start of summer to keep her cool (as her hair was down-to-the-ground long, and then she also lost a lot of coat density when she delivered her last litter a few months back.

But now it has begun to grow out again, and is at the most beautiful length. Not so long that it drags on the ground, and not so short that she just looks like a rex! The Swiss breed maintains a similar length (slightly different coat-texture though), but we don't have that breed here in Australia.

And these are just a few quick snaps of some of the pigs playing in the grass pen. They love having all of the hutches to run in and out of. :)

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