Saturday, December 27, 2014

New piggy - Cherry

My daughter and I went to a local residence this morning to collect a female guinea pig that was no longer wanted. She had been given a 'summer hair cut', but as soon as I held her in my hands I could tell that her coat wasn't just cut - there were balding/thin patches and patches with new hair growth coming through. I asked the owner if she'd been treated for mites/lice lately, and apparently she'd had 'treatment' a few weeks earlier. I don't know what was done to her exactly, but she's certainly not totally ok yet.

We took her home, gave her a dip to kill any external parasites and a dose of ivermectin to kill anything internal. She is now in quarantine while we make sure she is 100% healthy before she meets the rest of the gang. My daughter is loving it and has taken on the responsibility of having her stay in her room with much enthusiasm.

You can't see her terrible well here, but she looks like she'll have a peruvian-type coat when it eventually grows back. And she's a pretty lilac, gold and white marked girl. We called her 'Cherry' due to her stunning cherry-red eyes.

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