Thursday, October 30, 2014

Pecan, Cruise and Walnut

On monday afternoon (27th October) we had a stinking hot day that culminated in a pretty full on afternoon summer storm. During that storm, Buttons gave birth to three gorgeous bubs.

'Pecan' is a sweet little lady in chocolate agouti, gold and white. She weighed 90g at birth.

Cruise is similar colouring to his sister - chocolate agouti gold and white again, but more agouti, less gold. He weighed 100g at birth.

And Walnut (below) was 95g at birth. She is cinnamon agouti, cream and white.

All babies have stunning big droopy ears and will grow long coats. Cruise has a rosette placement most similar to his dad - my guess is his coat will mostly grow towards his rump. Pecan's rosettes are more peruvian-looking then anything. Her coat will grow over her face. And Walnut is most like her mum - her coat will grow in multiple directions, similar to a sheba. It will be a delight to watch them mature.

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