Saturday, March 23, 2013

Amadeus and Amore at 10 days old

Opal's bubs are now 10 days old. They're looking lovely too. Their coat's aren't growing quite as fast as daddy-pig's does, and they really don't have a lot of defined curl either - but they're getting that nice 'puff ball' look as the density and length collide! Amadeus is still a super sook. Every time I scoop him up from his cage he squeals like I'm about to murder him. His sister is just fast - quiet and fast. She tries the avoidance method. They're getting better with handling, but it's totally normal for them to be anxious when away from mum at this stage.

I keep thinking Amore looks more lilac-base coloured to me. But in this pics she really does show off the chocolate tinge. I fell bad for wishing her baby-hood away, but I'm so impatient to see her in coat.

We've also been busy lately working on some new stock for our Winter 2013 cuddle sack sale. We ran quite a few of these last year, and helped make about 200 cavies cozy and warm last season. This year we'll be offering a bigger variety of items - including these cute Cuddle Cups I whipped up today. I've seen these around for a while now, but always dismissed them as something that would be too complicated to put together. But I decided to give it a go! 

(you can see the size perspective in this pic of Opal (full grown adult texel) and her two almost-2-week-old bubs. )

\The first prototype was the black/pink cuddle cup you can see above. I was really happy with the size/proportion, but there wasn't enough stiffness in the fabric to allow the pigs to lean on the sides while napping. 

So we made some adjustments and tried again. You can see our cute little man 'Sprout' in the second padded version in pink. This worked a lot better and the sides stay upright even when he attempted to scale them and say hello to the gorgeous Bambi sitting in the original one! 

So we will have a number of these new Cuddle Cups along with the original 'Sirocco Cavy Stud' designed Cuddle Sacks in quite a few sizes and with luxury fabrics, as well as some hammocks as well in a variety of sizes. So far I've managed to get about 80% of the items cut up and ready to sew, and have about 10% actually sewn and finished... but we really want to open the sale with everything ready to go so no one misses out... so you'll need to give us another fortnight or so to be finished! 

I can't wait to see some gorgeous pigs getting cozy over the next few months! 


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