Saturday, October 20, 2012

Fleur and Malakai's beauties

I totally forgot to do the post for Fleur and Malakai's 4 little stunners! Fleur delivered on the evening of the 10th October. I was present for the birth and was able to help her out which was nice, as 4 babies was quite a lot for a petite little lady. You can see how huge they look sitting next to her in the photo above at only 12hrs old! 

(Malakai is the daddy, shown below) 

We have three little men (one sheba-coated boy, one coronet-coated boy and one sheltie-coated boy) and one little sheba-coated lady. Please note that these bubs are cross-breed pets. Mum and dad are both pet examples of their breeds (ie. have a mix of breeds in their histories too). In pedigree guinea pigs you cannot breed Coronet to Sheba and call the babies pedigree/purebred etc. This doesn't detract from their coat length or their eventual appearance though. These bubs WILL have gorgeous long coats. 

You can meet them below! :) 

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