Monday, May 14, 2012

Savannah and Tex welcome three beautiful bubs

Savannah and Tex (shown above) have become proud parents once again, with the exact same litter number and gender they had about 7 months ago! (Isla, Indigo and a stunning boy were the results of the last pairing between these two gorgeous cavies).

Savannah kept me waiting for 5 days longer than I'd anticipated! I had her in her maternity cage next to my bed every night, waking at the slightest sound from her! But no bubs. So on Tuesday morning last week (8th May), I went about our usual routine getting everyone ready for the day. Did the kindy drop off, came home and Savannah had delivered while we were out! INSIDE her cuddle sack too! This was the scene I found as I walked in to check on her. Three Gorgeous little bubs, all healthy and clean. She did an excellent job on her own.

This little guy was the only boy. We called him 'Sirocco Oakley' - but his new mum will be calling him Phantom due to his very cool white face and dark eye. He weighed in at 100g.

 This little sweet heart is Sirocco Oceana. She weighed in at a petite 75g, but is fit and strong and doing really well. She also looks a lot like her big sister Indigo. I'm expecting this to be a glimpse into the future for this little lady.

 And lastly, this is Sirocco Opal. She weighed in at a massive 105g, and is going to be staying here. She has a stunning pattern of white, cream, and agouti across her back that is going to look amazing when she's in full coat.


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