Tuesday, February 7, 2012

RIP Dante

Dante appeared to be doing fantastically. He spent some time with my hubby and I last night and was running all over us, and so enthusiastic and just 'well' looking.

Then I found him this morning. He had passed away sometime overnight.

I don't really understand what went wrong. I have spoken to other breeders about babies that fail to thrive, and 99% of them don't survive longer than a few days/weeks.

My theory is that there was some kind of congenital issue with one of Dante's organs - maybe heart, maybe digestive system, could have been a combo even? And that despite our best efforts, his organs failed him quite suddenly, and he passed away.

I've had to break the news to his prospective new family, and that now leaves Dash as the sole survivor of that little family. But Dash is really doing very well. He is fat, and strong and not taking any supplemental feedings from me at all anymore. I think he is perfect.

I took a little video of Dante's enthusiasm at meal time on monday night, and only got around to looking at it yesterday. Here is the link if you feel up to it. It's a bit dark, and a bit blurry - but the best I got.

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  1. I am sorry, I know that this must be especially hard for you. I watched the video, he was a real sweetheart.