Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Baby updates - Curly Girls!

I thought it might be nice to do some updates on some of the curly babies. This is Chloe's hair at 2 months old. She's getting wild and wooly! And I can see more of Liam in her little face as she grows up too.

This is Nixie at almost 4 weeks old. She's really puffed out too. She's not quite as long-coated as Liam was at this age (they're both purebred texels), but she's doing pretty well!

And Bethanie and Bella-Donna are 2 weeks old now. They're really starting to puff out too... a good sign for some nice dense/long coats.

Bethanie at 2 weeks old:
(it's like looking at a replica of little Rollo at 2 weeks as well! How crazy is the resemblance - same dad, different mum!)

Bella-Donna at 2 weeks old:

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